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What is Smart “National/ Global Online Marketing”?

Similar to local online marketing, national/ global online marketing also seeks to increase the sales, many times over in this case as the market is the whole of India (or even the world), reduce the cost of advertising thru prime spots for the right keywords searched for, the ad exposure being for a long term, increase the brand image, with opportunity for product reviews and
facilitating access to info online, thus making the customer purchase decision making process easier and quicker. Apart from brand building and increase in sales, it also helps the business acquire potential channel partners of every kind to further increase the sales for the long term.

How do we help you?

1. Domain/ website name: Having a domain name for your business increases the reputation of your company, and you need it more so if you want to advertise online.

2. Website Creation & Hosting: If you don't have a website, we’ll help in creating and hosting the same. If you have one, we’ll help improve it.

3. Relationship with customers: The biggest crime most businesses do sabotaging their own business is not caring to collect the email and other contact details of their Clients, and not using the same to increase the value per client phenomenally, thus missing out on a golden opportunity to even double their sales and profits. We will help you use your customer list and contact them periodically with offers and other mailers, engaging them with interesting info centred around your products. This will help your business maintain a relationship with your clients over a long period of time and get you repeat orders.

4. Google’s Paid Advertising: We will help promote your business (website) through Google Adwords (Google’s Paid advertising). This will help your business see results almost instantly (even within a day). If you are already advertising in Google Adwords, we will help you in reducing the cost you incur (even by 50% to 75%) for the same or even better results, as we have expert techniques to do the same. In the process, we'll even get Google to recognize your site as an authority site in your field.

5. Mobile Website: We will help in creating a mobile site (i.e) your website which will be read on mobiles clearly without the need to scroll through, which can be very tedious. Typically, websites will have an awkward look when browsed from a mobile. What we do additionally is to customize the sites for mobile browsing.

6. Video Marketing: We are the exclusive Marketing Agents of a US-UK JV Company which offers Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services. We will promote your business through Video which is a very powerful tool for online marketing, across the country, or even globally. Your company will get listed on the first page of Google listings across India/ worldwide. We may make use of an existing video from you, or create a new video by taking inputs from you.

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